Absinthe 'Antitoxin' 'Green Head'

PU 500ml Bottle

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This 'Antitoxin Absinthe' comes in a 500ml skull shaped bottle containing the Wormwood (Alsem) herb - unique to absinthe. Not only the unusual bottle but also the extraordinarily bitter taste, and with its 89.9% alcohol strength this Absinthe is surely something special. The maximum allowed concentration of: Thujone (35mg/litre) speaks for itself. This recipe developed by the Absinthe antitoxin has a particularly harmonious taste and a pleasant herbal-scented flavour. Because this Absinthe is unsweetened, it is ideal for the famous Absinthe ritual.

Product details:
  • Packaged: Attractive Skull Bottle
  • Contains: 500ml
  • Alcohol: 89.9% Vol.

  • Sales recommendation: 34.90€

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    Brand Black Leaf