Absinthe 'Red Chili Head'

PU 500ml Bottle

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This 'Red Chilli Absinthe' sets the senses ablaze. It comes in a 500ml skull shaped bottle and is produced by a Swiss company to the original recipe, using the best quality plants and herbs. With the maximum legally permitted concentration of: Thujone (35mg/litre) this bitter spirit, flavoured with chilli, promises to become a really unique & special flavour. Banned in modern times because of its psychoactive ingredient Thujone, the absinthe experience and is having a renascence in bars, discos and restaurants in today's world.

Product details:
  • Packaged: Attractive Skull Bottle
  • Contains: 500ml
  • Alcohol: 55% Vol.

  • Sales recommendation: 29.90€

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    Brand Black Leaf