Coloured Acrylic Bong 'Skull' various colours

PU 1pc

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Weight: 0.11 kg

Quick Overview

Material: Acrylic
Color: Blue/red/yellow/green/grey
Motive/Design: Skull
Height: 200mm
Diameter: 30mm
Grind: Plug chillum
Kickhole: Yes
Reference: No colour choice possible!


Acrylic Bong with skull design in various colours, with metal chillum, metal filter and kickhole on the back. Attention: No choice of colour possible! Order more and you got a mixture of colours.

Additional Information

Brand Black Leaf
Material Acrylic/Plastic
Hight 100-200mm
Diameter 30-40mm
Standard grinding Chillum
Wallthickness N/A
Ice no
Kickhole yes
Perculator/ Diffusor no
Coloured yes
Print no
Oil no
Colour -29 blue