Al. Grinder 'The Dreamer' golden

PU 1pc

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Quick Overview

Material: Aluminum
Color: golden
Setup: 9-part
Diameter: 54mm
Height: 90mm
System: Diamond-shaped Teeth
Supplies: Pipe


'The Dreamer' - this Grinder of 'Dream Factory' revolutionizes the world of herbs grinder! This is the world's first grinder that stores, shreds, mixes and dispenses different herbs and tobacco - THE all-rounder par excellence!
The handling is very easy through the non-threaded, magnetic module system. All parts are easy to clean and interchangeable!
Fill in first in three of six chambers of the so-called flower, press it with the stamp and grind it very quickly, as desired coarse or fine. The process continues with the other three chambers as well. The funnel and measuring cap enable fast and controlled dosage by emptying on papers or bowl, without mess and keeping the fingers clean.
Three secret chambers hide precious herbs safe and hygienic. The included pipe helps to scoop the hidden treasures out of the secret stash.
To say it short: 'The Dreamer' is a dream of a grinder!'

Additional Information

Brand anaxy
Material Aluminium
Diameter 50-60mm
Structure 6-part and more
Teeth Diamond shaped teeth
Print no
Window yes
Colour -29 blue
Print N/A

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