Aluminium Heat Seal Bag small

PU 20pcs

SKU: 39 23 02-2

Weight: 1.01 kg

Quick Overview

Material: Food grade aluminium plastic foil
Color: silver
Size: 300x500mm
Reference: Light- and odour proof
Info: PU 20pcs


On the airport or the duty: the alu bags are absolutely radiopaque so that the content is protected from external influences and also can not be lit.

Compound foils of this type were originally developed for military uses. After a trial conducted under particularly severe conditions during the second World War, industry also opted to use this type of high-grade foil for especially sensitive goods. This aluminium bag is made from this high-quality foil and is radiopaque, light and odour proof as well as watertight.

Close the bag easily with an iron.

Instruction: Adjust the iron on the highest level and warm it up. Iron then the open edge of the Alu-Bag so that you have a safe border of 5cm.

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