'Arizer' Vaporizer, Balloons & Glass Mouthpieces

PU 1pc


Weight: 0.05 kg

Quick Overview

Material: Glass, food safe plastic
Size: Ballons: 550x300mm


4 Balloons & 2 Glass Mouthpieces for the 'Arizer' Vaporizers

These accessories are for the 'Arizer' 'Extreme-Q' Vaporisers. And they consist of 4 balloons and two mouthpieces made?of glass with 'O' rings. The balloons are made of reusable food grade plastic.

Product Details:
  • Balloons: 550mmx300mm, (food-safe plastic)
  • Mouthpiece: Glass with Rubber 'O' Ring
  • For: 'Arizer' 'Extreme-Q'

  • Additional Information

    Brand Arizer
    Device size S-pocket
    Oil yes
    Plug EU-Standard Plug
    Colour N/A
    Gebrauchsanleitung N/A