Pollen Screen Box

PU 1pc

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Weight: 0.22 kg

Quick Overview

Material: Light wood, metal screen, glass plate
Reference: Magnetic lock
Setup: 3 pieces
Size: 140x90x65mm


Storage box with Pollen Screen & Magnetic lock - A handy stoners box for on the go, perfect for traveling and festivals. The box is made of wood and consists of three separate compartments and is held closed with a magnetic fastener. The lid and the bottom are designed with a recess such that both can act as a perfect working surface, suitable for building your joints or preparing your favourite smoking mix. The middle part is the storage area, which includes with a metal pollen screen. The fine pollen filters through the screen onto a black glass plate, which is inserted into the lower part of the box. Especially noteworthy is the fact that this Pollen box has no hinges, but the built-in active-shutter with 4 embedded magnets in the box which allows all surfaces to remain completely flat.

Additional Information

Brand Black Leaf