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Aroma: 'Ice-Apple'
Info: VE 120g


The 'Ice Rockz' are the latest product of the company 'Aladin'! They have found a material which has the optimum suction power to preserve flavours and molasses so that they provide the perfect smoking experience when steaming. Due to the skill-fully blended ingredients, of flavours and glycerol, they have made a massive step-forward, and developed a smokeless vapor product without compromise.
Fill the tobacco bowl with a spoon of 'Ice Rockz' and prepare the hookah in the conventional way, as if for tobacco. After the coal is placed and lit add the 'BIGG Ice Rockz' and wait 1-2 minutes to warm-up. After that, full flavoured vapor is released.
The 'Ice Rockz' are disposable and can be disposed of ordinary household waste.

Made in Germany

  • Flavour: apple
  • Ingredients: glycerol, glucose syrup, high-quality flavours, water and Rockz. 100% nicotine free
  • Packaging: 120g Resealable Tub

  • Additional Information

    Brand Aladin