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Aroma: Minzt
Info: PU 100g


These small mineral stones, are impregnated with scents and/or molasses and are made for smoking in a Hookah or Shisha and are 100% tobacco-free.
During smoking, the scented fluids with which the stones have been soaked in, evaporates. This results in a flavour rich dense vapour.
These shisha stones can be reused, simply by cleaning, before re-moisturising them in scented oils or molasses.
Because no tobacco is smoked, only the scented flavours are vaporised, this product is not restricted by smoking regulations and so do not fall foul of the smoking ban laws.
Thus, making the 'BIGG STEAM STONES' the latest nicotine-free substitute tobacco for Hookahs, and a must for every Shisha shop.
'Made in Germany' 'BIGG STEAM STONES' are supplied in 100g resealable cans and are subject to stringent quality standards & controls.

Nicotine Free

  • Flavour: Mint
  • Features: re-usable
  • Package contains: 100g

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    Brand Aladin