'BILOK' mini Tobacco Bags 10 different designs

PU 10x1pc


Weight: 0.41 kg

Quick Overview

Material: PVC
Color: black
Size: 115x90mm


'BILOK' mini tobacco bags with magnetic closure and zipper closed pocket for filters has space for one to two packs of cigarette papers and up to 20gr rolling tobacco. The 'BILOKS' are made in Israel. The high quality material comes from Italy. The 'BILOK' mini has individual designs inside. Artists from all over the world get royalties for each 'BILOK' sold with their design. 'BILOK' mini tobacco bags are perfect for pockets! 'BILOK' bags keep the tobacco fresh and are practical also for credit cards and cash.

Design choice is not possible!

Additional Information

Brand Black Leaf

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