'Black Leaf' Icebong 'SubSee' + 21 Slit Diffusor green

PU 1pc

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Weight: 2 kg

Quick Overview

Material: Glass
Color: clear/sea green
Print: 'Black Leaf'
Height: 400mm
Diameter: 50mm
Grind: SG 19 (18,8mm)
Wall Thickness: 9mm
Percolator: 21-Slit Inline-Diffusor
ICE: yes
Kickhole: no
Oil: no


The 'Black Leaf' SubSee is similar to the 'Nautilus', but heavy duty, so a bit larger and more stable! with 9mm wall thickness throughout, an extra thick mouthpiece and the very strong blue base all in all making 'SubSee' the most stable bong on the market. Another special feature, as in the 'Nautilus' bongs no 'Down-Pipe' needed, because the bowel is inserted directly into the top of the 'Water-Chamber'. From the bowl the smoke goes directly into the large inline diffuser, which so far is the only one of its kind with 21 slots. The smoke is then drawn through the 180mm long the mega diffuser and thus is diffused before being cooled above. The 9 'Ice-notches', give the smoke the last cooling kick while also serving as a non-slip grapple surface. Complete with a large green SG 19 Roll-Stop' bowl.

Additional Information

Brand Black Leaf
Material Glass
Hight 400-500mm
Diameter 50-60mm
Standard grinding SG 19 (18,8mm)
Wallthickness 7-9mm
Ice yes
Kickhole no
Perculator/ Diffusor yes
Coloured yes
Print yes
Oil no
Colour N/A

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