'BL' 'Goblet' Grinder 4-part

PU 1pc

SKU: #43 02 137

Weight: 0.16 kg

Quick Overview

Material: Aluminium
Color: various colours
Print: BL In Weed We Trust-Logo
Motive/Design: Hemp Leaf
Setup: 4-part
Diameter: 63mm
Height: 48mm
System: Diamond-cut Teeth
Supplies: Scraper, Cloth Bag


The light herb grinder 'Goblet' in the 'BL' series is characterised by the delicate hemp leaf engraving on the magnetic lid and the 'In Weed We Trust' logo on the bottom. At the rim of the lid and bottom chamber are grooves for more grip. The dents at the inner rim of the grinder simplify grinding the material.

Additional Information

Brand Black Leaf
Material Aluminium
Diameter >60mm
Structure 4-part
Teeth Diamond-shaped Teeth
Print yes
Window no
Print No

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