'BL' Sniff Bottle, silver

PU 1pc

SKU: 15 02 00-39

Weight: 0.02 kg

Quick Overview

Color: silver
Print: BL logo
Length: 50mm
Diameter: 14mm
Reference: metal screw on cap, magnetic dose dispenser handle


A revolutionary solution for the snorter: With the use of a magnet, to keep the dispensing knob in place, the rubber 'O' is redundant. The metal seal is maintained by the fine, CNC machined angles. These 'Snorter Dispenser Bottles' are are discreet and practical anywhere. Made of 100% Aluminium, with no consumer disposable parts or wear and tear - this is a product that is sure to last. The bottom screw-cap has the subtle 'BL' (Black Leaf ) logo printed beneath.

Additional Information

Brand Black Leaf