'BL' 'Startrails' Grinder 4-part Bayonet Joint

PU 1pc

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Quick Overview

Material: Aluminium, anodisiert
Color: Different Colours
Print: Startrails by BL
Setup: 4-part
Diameter: 42mm
Height: 56mm
System: Rotor Blade
Supplies: Scraper, Gift Box


The 'BL' 'Startrails' Grinder made of abrasion-free, anodised aluminium comes without screw thread. Screen and bottom chamber can be opened without much effort with a ¼ turn thanks to the bayonet joints. The hemp grinder has a big filling chamber with magnetic closure as well as a concave bottom chamber without sharp corners for uncomplicated cleaning without remains. The twelve sharp rotor blades of the grinder shred your herbs in next to no time.
With the additional, triangular scraper made of plastics, you can remove pieces of material without difficulty.

Additional Information

Brand Black Leaf
Material Aluminium
Diameter 40-50mm
Structure 4-part
Teeth Rotor Blades
Print yes
Window no
Print No

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