'Black Leaf' Titanium Cleaning + Filling Dabber

PU 1pc


Weight: 0.01 kg

Quick Overview

Material: Titan
Length: 95mm


This tool made of high quality titanium can be used for oil, wax and herbs. Oil or concentrates can be picked up with the dabber. Due to the titanium composition, there is no deforming of the tools when the concentrate is dabbed on the hot bowl. Deposits can be easily removed with the cleaning tool.

Product Details:
  • Colour: titanium
  • Print: Black Leaf
  • Length: L 95mm
  • Dabber width: W 6mm
  • Material: titanium composition

  • Black Leaf
  • L 95mm, scoop width 6mm
  • titanium alloy
  • PU 1pc

  • Additional Information

    Brand Black Leaf