'Black Leaf' Glass 'HoneyComb' Icebong

PU 1pc

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Weight: 1.41 kg

Quick Overview

Material: Glass
Color: clear
Print: 'Honey Comb', 'Black Leaf'
Height: 410mm
Diameter: 50mm
Grind: 18,8
Wall Thickness: 7mm (Rohr oben) und 5mm (Korpus)
Percolator: no
ICE: yes
Kickhole: no


This is a 'Black Leaf' 'Honey Comb' Multi-Level-Icebong with three 'Diffuser Disks' (Honeycombs), each with approximately 40 holes, that produces a massive swirling and sensational bubble generation. The 'Diffuser Disks' split this Blubber into 4 sections. As well, located above 5th diffuser plate is the 3 'Ice-Notches'. The only slightly angled approach, is for the 'Lift-Off' bowl mount which serves to stabilise any additionally connected add-ons. This glass bong comes with a small glass bowl, with a 'Roll-Stop' handle. Around the top tube is the 'Honey Comb' logo and just above the round base, is on the 'Black Leaf' logo in grey and golden. These 'Honey Comb' ''Diffuser Disk' bongs are also available in other models.

Additional Information

Brand Black Leaf
Material Glass
Hight 400-500mm
Diameter 50-60mm
Standard grinding SG 19 (18,8mm)
Wallthickness 7-9mm
Ice yes
Kickhole no
Perculator/ Diffusor no
Coloured no
Print yes
Oil no
Colour N/A