'Black Leaf' Hard Case Transport System

PU 1pc

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Weight: 0.37 kg

Quick Overview

Material: Plastic, Rubber
Color: black
Print: Black Leaf logo
Size: 360x150x110mm
Info: Comes without content!


The 'Black Leaf' Hard Case Transport System is an all around protection for your glass pipe with a length up to 290mm including smoking accessories. All valuable smoking utensils can be packed in the comfortable, easy-to-handle case. Additionally, one side of the lid can be used as a mixing tray and rolling surface.

The 'Black Leaf' Hard Case offers the possibility to stow grinder, vacuum container, bowl, lighter, cleaning tool with the aid of Velcro fasteners and rubber bands. In the removable bag with zip fastener, you can store your mixture. The pipe lies safely due to the plastic foam bed and the Velcro fastener. The mouthpiece is additionally protected with the cloth attachment at the smaller end. The transport case has a handy shaped carrying handle.

    Comes without content!

Additional Information

Brand Black Leaf

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