'Black Leaf' One Hitter Set in a Case

PU 1pc

SKU: 46 23 00

Weight: 0.04 kg

Quick Overview

Material: Nylon
Color: green
Print: Black Leaf logo
Size: 140x95x25mm
Supplies: One Hitter made of Borosilicate Glass, Poker
Info: Delivery with one hitter and poker only!


The 'Black Leaf' One Hitter Set is a useful accessoire on tour. The One Hitter which is included has a robust, multiple colour borosilicate glass is protected in this zipper case against breakage.
At the same time, you can stow in the wallet-shaped sheath with a extra pocket inside every which is important for the one hit for example herb mix, lighter, poker (included in the set) and other tools. This way, the stoner has everything and doesn't need to ask for a lighter.

We strongly suggest to display the 'Black Leaf' One Hitter Set with a lighter!

Additional Information

Brand Black Leaf

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