Black Leaf Pre-Cooler 4-Pipes Smoke Channels


SKU: #GF 29

Weight: 0.13 kg

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Quick Overview

Material: Glass
Color: Different colours
Print: Black Leaf
Height: 150mm
Diameter: 50mm
Grind: SG 2x14 (14,5mm)
Diffusor: 6-Slit Diffusortube
Supplies: Adapter SG 19/14


This is a classic 'Black Leaf' Pre-Cooler 4-Channel with a blue 6-Slit Diffusor-Pipe. The advantage of this Pre-Cooler is the 4-Channel Smoke Tube extension, which for provides additional cooling of the smoke. This Pre-Cooler connects to any glass bong with a standard SG 2x14 (2x14.5mm) friction-fit ground joint. The 'Black Leaf' logo is on the outside.

Additional Information

Brand Black Leaf