'Blaze' 'Amphora1' Multi-Level Glass Bong

PU 1pc

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Weight: 1.34 kg

Quick Overview

Material: Borosilicate Glass
Color: clear/black
Print: Blaze Logo
Height: 385mm
Diameter: 70/25mm
Grind: SG 19F (18,8mm female)
Wall Thickness: 5mm
Percolator: 4-Arm and Knob Percolator
ICE: no
Kickhole: no
Oil: no


Unusual glass bong of our premium brand 'Blaze Glass' with optical illusion effect.
Although the water chamber seems to be separated from the rest of the water pipe, the smoke makes its way down into the water chamber. There it becomes swirled a lot by the four arms of the percolator.
After that, the steam magically rises up to the next level where a four-knob-percolator ensures more cooling and filtering. Last but not least, the steam is inhaled by the comfortable sized mouthpiece.

The bowl for dry herbs, equipped with a roll-stop, can be easily removed for the final kick. There is no need for a screen unless the herbal mixture is grinded very fine.

The big round basefoot gives stability in standing and the 5mm strong walls made of borosilicate glass makes this water pipe very robust.
The silver 'Blaze Glass' logo on the edge of the base provides an interesting reflecting effect. A decorative 3-D glass stone on the pipe tube completes the fascinating look of this premium bong.

Additional Information

Brand Blaze Glass
Material Glass
Hight 300-400mm
Diameter 20-30mm
Standard grinding SG (female) 10F + 14F + 19F
Wallthickness 5-7mm
Ice no
Kickhole no
Perculator/ Diffusor yes
Coloured yes
Print yes
Oil no
Colour -29 blue

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