'Blaze Glass' 2x Diffusor-Downpipe-Adapters 2 Pc.

PU 1pc

SKU: BLA-E1000

Weight: 0.1 kg

Quick Overview

Color: clear
Print: Blaze Glasss
Length: 180mm
Grind: 29,9/18,8mm+18,8/14,4mm


This is two extra reinforced Diffusor-Downpipe-Adapters with Standard Ground SG 29/19. The dual Diffusor-Downpipe-Adapters consists of two detachable adapters each with slit. The inner Down-pipe has a 5-Arm 10x slit diffuser and the external Adapter has a 12x slit-diffuser. This provides powerful turbulence and cools the smoke optimally. The 'Blaze Glass' logo in silver is positioned on the outer tube.

Additional Information

Material Glass
Standard grinding Other
Brand Blaze Glass
Länge N/A