'Blaze Glass' Blubber with 'Inline-Diffuser' & 'Turbine Blades'

PU 1pc

SKU: BLA 124

Weight: 0.69 kg

Quick Overview

Material: Borosilicate Glass
Color: clear
Print: 'Blaze Glass'
Height: 350mm
Diameter: 50/22mm
Grind: SG 14 (14,5mm)
Wall Thickness: 3+5mm (Body)
Percolator: Slit Diffusor
ICE: no
Kickhole: no
Oil: no


This is a narrow cylindrical blubber from the 'Blaze Glass' foundry. The smoke goes directly into the water-chamber before rising though a 'Diffuser-Disk' and just above are 'Turbine Blades' to give the smoke one last kick upwards. All this makes the smoke rise gently in the draft.

Additional Information

Brand Blaze Glass