'Blaze Glass' Cage Percolator Icebong & Splash Guard

PU 1pc

SKU: BLA 122

Weight: 0.51 kg

Quick Overview

Material: Borosilicate Glass
Color: clear
Print: 'Blaze Glass'
Height: 300mm
Diameter: 37/25mm
Grind: SG 19/14 (18,8mm/14,5mm)
Wall Thickness: 4mm
Percolator: Gridpercolator
ICE: yes
Kickhole: no
Oil: no


This is a handy 300mm tall glass bong with a multi-level structure and a novel grid design in the 'Cage Percolator'. The smoke rises through the central flu and is dispersed by the slots in the grid percolator to the outer tube and up. On the next level is an inline diffuser for additional diffusing & cooling of the smoke. Internally, at the top the of tube is a 'Ice-Rim' & Splash Guard'. Complete with a 'Bud Bowl' with three large glass beads for that added 'Roll-Strop' function. The 'Down-Pipe' adapter includes a six slit diffuser at the 'Blaze Glass' logo is emblazoned in silver on the base and along the 'Down-Pipe. 'Blaze Glass' is the premium brand for the connoisseur.

Additional Information

Brand Blaze Glass