'Blaze' 'Recycle' Glass Pipe with Cooling Spiral

PU 1pc

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Weight: 0.52 kg

Quick Overview

Material: Borosilicate Glass
Color: clear
Print: Blaze Logo
Height: 190mm
Diameter: 80/18mm
Grind: SG 14 (14,5mm)
Diffusor: HoneyComb, Turbine
ICE: no
Kickhole: no
Oil: no


The recycler bubbler of 'Blaze Glass' is handmade of high quality borosilicate glass. The recycle function stands for the closed water cycle of this cool pipe:
While inhaling, the water flows into the cooling chamber and back into the main chamber. Thereby it enriched with fresh oxygen. At the same time, harmful substances get stuck at the wall.

In this circuit, a HoneyComb diffuser disc, a turbine disc and an ice coil ensure excellent cooling of the smoke. The effect of the ice coil is more intensive if you pre-cool the small glass bong in the refrigerator or keep it some time in the freezer.
The bowl for grosser plants material has a handle which facilitates the removal of the bowl for the "final kick"; it also acts as a roll -stop. The discreet silver 'Blaze Glass' logo is placed on the draw tube.

Additional Information

Brand Blaze Glass
Material Glass
Hight 100-200mm
Diameter <20mm
Standard grinding SG 14 (14,5mm)
Wallthickness 3-5mm
Ice no
Kickhole no
Perculator/ Diffusor yes
Coloured no
Print yes
Oil no
Colour -29 blue

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