'Blaze' Recycler Oil Pipe with Diffusor

PU 1pc


Weight: 0.09 kg

Quick Overview

Material: Borosilicate Glass
Color: clear/green
Print: Recycle Blaze
Height: 110mm
Grind: SG 10F (10mm female)
Percolator: Hole Percolator
ICE: no
Kickhole: no
Oil: yes


'Blaze' Recycler Oil Pipe

The 'Blaze' Recycler Oil Pipe with angular cut bowl and bud-shaped mouthpiece is small, light and has an attachment which makes it possible for the dabber to wear this 'Blaze' Pipe on festivals always within reach around the neck!

This 'Blaze' Oil Pipe has a recycle function - the water is swirled by the diffusor with 3 holes, drawn through the tube and flows back into the main chamber. The water is oxygenated and harmful substances get stuck at the wall. Including glass oil nail.

Attention: Only the oil pan should be heated, otherwise the grinding can break in cause of the expansion of the glass.

Additional Information

Brand Blaze Glass
Material Glass
Hight 100-200mm
Diameter <20mm
Standard grinding SG (female) 10F + 14F + 19F
Wallthickness <3mm
Ice no
Kickhole no
Perculator/ Diffusor yes
Coloured yes
Print yes
Oil yes
Colour -29 blue

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