Stash Box Book 'King of Zion'

PU 1pc

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Weight: 1.52 kg

Quick Overview

Material: Wood
Size: 220x290x70mm
Print: 'King of Zion'
Info: Camouflaged as book


A wooden preparation box, disguised as a book!
It´s a must for every Bong smoker. Inside is an integrated Chopping board with a fitting chopper. Further more there is enough space for the smoking paraphernalia, provided by four compartments, underneath the chopping board is a drawer to store the leftover mixture. And last but not least the optimised Bong tool, a small shovel -specially designed for the Bong bowl, a tamper and a spike to stir the mixture glow.

Dimensions: 220x290x70mm

Additional Information

Brand Kavatza