'Breathe Organics' CBD E-Liquid Strawberry

PU 1x10ml

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Material: Certified USA-Grown CBD, 0 mg THC
Aroma: Strawberry Diesel
Quality: CBD 100mg / 10ml
Info: PU 1x10ml
Reference: Made in Germany


The certified e-liquid with Cannabidol (CBD) from 'Breathe Organics' is 100% natural & vegan and 100% legal. It contains 100mg of CBD! It is not psychoactive, but it can increase the physical and mental well-being. Therefore, it is ideal for any steamer who can not easily turn off the stress of hectic everyday life, and it can help to relax.

The e-liquids from 'Breathe Organics' from the Classic Cannabis line are pure stimulants that bring a steam pleasure of a special and tasteful nature and can also provide more balance, better mood and a chilled feeling. The used concentrated CBD originates exclusively from licensed growers from the USA. In addition, there are real, pure natural terpenes which are extracted very gently from the trichomes of plants. The peculiarity of using natural terpenes is that they can interact synergistically with CBD. This interaction is called 'entourage effect'. Almost 90% of the inhaled CBD is absorbed!

In addition, the combination of pure CBD with natural terpenes results in an amazingly authentic, aromatic and delicious cannabis flavour when steamed. ‘Breathe Organics' CBD e-liquids contain the following terpene constituents: 39% Mycrene, 26% Alpha Pinene; 11% Beta Pinene, 10% Beta Caryophyllene, 4% Humulenes, 4% Limonene, 2% Phytol, 2% Alpha Bisabolol, 1% Linalool, and 2% of 13 other terpenes.

'Breathe Organics' always takes care that all ingredients come from sustainable cultivation without using any pesticides or chemicals. The base of the CBD liquid consists of 70&#; vegetable glycerin. Propylene Glycol is only used in small amounts to increase the viscosity. All ingredients used are subject to strict, regular controls, and are carefully mixed in the German laboratory of 'Breathe Organics'. So it is a premium e-liquid of highest quality, which is free of nicotine, pollutants and artificial flavor enhancers or sweeteners. The liquids are ready-to-vape. Simply fill it in an evaporator/tank of an e-cigarette (must be suitable for VGmax liquid!) and enjoy the delicious, real cannabis flavour, here fruity-sweet 'Strawberry Diesel'! For even more variety in steaming, the different kinds of the CBD e-liquids can be easily mixed.

Note: the CBD e-liquid may only be sold to adults and evaporated by adults. Pregnant women we advise against consumption. Always keep the liquid out of the reach of children. Protect the liquid from direct sunlight.

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