'Breathe Organics' CBD E-Liquid Base Vape Additive

PU 1x10ml

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Quick Overview

Material: Certified USA-Grown CBD, 0 mg THC
Aroma: Neutral
Quality: CBD 1000mg / 10ml
Info: PU 1x10ml
Reference: Made in Germany


In with the new: the certified high-quality CBD e-liquid base 'Vape Additve' with Cannabidol (CBD) from 'Breathe Organics' is 100% natural & vegan as well as 100% legal. It contains impressive 1000mg CBD! The CBD does not work psychoactively, but it can increase the physical and mental well-being of humans. With this tasteless base, you can create your own e-liquid to avoid boredom.

The base is super easy to use: mix CBD liquid base with an aroma or e-liquid of your choice and shake it well - done! Attention: The base is very high concentrated (1000mg CBD to 10ml). First mix only a small amount of CBD base into the e-liquid and then touch the dosage carefully. By the way, the base is also great for tuning shisha tobacco.

With 'Breathe Organics', you're always on the right side, because they always take care of the fact that all ingredients come from sustainable cultivation. And this without using any pesticides or chemicals. The CBD base consists of 100% propylene glycol. All ingredients used are subject to strict, regular controls, and are mixed with care in the German laboratory of 'Breathe Organics'. Of course, like the e-liquids from 'Breathe Organics', the base contains no nicotine, pollutants or artificial flavor enhancers and sweeteners.

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