'Cane Gun' Mouth-Piece, clear

VE 1Stk

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Weight: 0.1 kg

Quick Overview

Material: Glass
Color: clear
Print: 'Cane-Gun'
Height: 95m
Length: 225mm
Grind: 18,8mm, bi-stabil


The 'CANE-GUN' is a versatile mouth-piece adapter that can be combined with all current bong pre-coolers, diffuser adapters and glass bowls, and even the 'Vapo-Gun' Shot-Gun Vaporizer Tube - provided they have a Sure Ground SG 18.8mm friction fit joint. The 'CANE-GUN' is also ideal for Pure-Smoking: just combine with a Pure 1-Hit Bong Bowl and ignite. In this embodiment, the mouthpiece has the classic tapered form, bringing the smoke so a direct route to its destination. At the intake end, the mouthpiece has a diameter of 10mm, so you can play that classic tune on the 'CANE-GUN'.

Additional Information

Brand ---
Material Glass
Length <100mm
Demountable No
Colour No