'Cane-Gun' Mouthpiece clear

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Quick Overview

Material: Glass
Color: clear
Print: Cane-Gun
Length: 200mm
Other: SG 19 (18,8mm)


The 'Cane-Gun' is a versatile mouth-piece adapter that can be combined with all current bong pre-coolers, diffuser adapters and glass bowls, and even the 'VapoCane' shot-gun vaporizer tube - provided they have a SG 19 (18.8mm) friction fit joint.
The 'Cane-Gun' is also ideal for pure smoking, just combine with a pure one hit bong bowl and ignite. Or take a oil-nail and the special adapter for dabbing.

Additional Information

Brand Black Leaf
Material Glass
Length 150-200mm
Demountable yes
Colour -29 blue

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