'Carrera' Flat Iron

PU 1pc

SKU: SA 1010

Weight: 0.6 kg

Quick Overview

Material: Plates with Ceramic Coating
Size: Flat Iron: 290x35x29mm
Plates: 90x25mm
Power: EU-Standard Power Plug, 120 - 240V
Other: Stepless Temperature Regulation
150° C - 220° C
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Warranty: 3 Years Warranty


The 'Carrera' Flat Iron is a quick and uncomplicated solution for extracting oil. Take a piece of baking paper and fold it. Put some herbs between and lay the paper between the iron. Due to the short heating-up phase, the iron is ready for use after a few seconds. The flat iron has a steplessly variable temperature setting from 150° C - 220° C. The recommended temperature is 150° C. Exert high pressure on the iron till the oil is extracted. For direct consumption, the oil can be scraped from the paper for example with a titanium filling tool. With travel safeguarding, 360° rotary joint of the power cable, LED-control lamp and CE-sign.

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Brand Black Leaf