'CF Vape' Vaporizer

PU 1pc

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Quick Overview

Material: Smooth Touch Surface,
Medical Grade Materials
Color: black
Print: Boundless-Logo
Size: 104x62x32mm
System: Closed Ceramic Heating Chamber
Other: For Herbs/Concentrates
Power: Integrated 1300mA/h Accu,
Micro USB-Socket: 5V/2A
Supplies: USB/Micro USB Plug w. Charging Cable,
Concentrate-Pod, Brush, Dabber
Reference: User Manual in de, en
Info: 5 Temperature Settings: 179° C/355° F,
188° C/370° F, 196° C/385° F, 204° C/400° F,
213° C/415° F, LED-Status Indicator
Warranty: 2 Years Warranty


The 'CFVape' Vaporizer of 'Boundless' is a so-called one hand-vaporizer. This means that it is operable only with one button. By the five different adjustable temperature settings, you can vape dry herbs, oil or wax.
The 'CFVape' heats up very fast and has a powerful battery with 1.300mA/h. It has a superb airflow and the maximum vape density of the smoke makes its taste full and aromatic. The design of this compact vaporizer makes the 'CFVape' particularly catchy. The mouthpiece is rotable.

Attention: We recommend not to load the vaporizer on a computer, but to use a power adapter with USB 5Volt/>=2Ampere.

Download electrical safety instructions-PDF

Additional Information

Brand No
Device size M-handbag
Oil yes
Plug USB Plug
Colour -35 black
Gebrauchsanleitung N/A

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