'Clipper Lighters Legalize it Leaf

PU 48x1pc


Weight: 0.8 kg

Quick Overview

Motive/Design: Legalize it Leaf
System: Tilt function
Info: Ignition firestone
Reference: Replaceable flintstone
Other: Refillable
Supplies: Including poker
Attention: Hazardous material transportation !


The special feature of 'Clipper' Classic Lighters is that the flame increases in size when angled - especially good for lighting bongs & smoking pipes. The removable igniter which normally serves to replace the flintstone is among fanciers THE poker for rollies.

double gas capacity, long-lasting, refilling is cheaper than buying new

robust material, childproof, lower pressure

Environmentally friendly:
contains purest gas, high part of recycled materials, low impact on the environment

Additional Information

Brand Clipper
Print Legalize it Leaf
Colour N/A
Colour filterable N/A