'Clipper' 'The Bulldog' Mix motley

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Color: motley
Motive/Design: The Bulldog
System: Tilt Function
Info: Ignition Firestone
Reference: Replaceable Flintstone
Other: Refillable
Supplies: Including Poker
Attention: Hazardous material transportation!


Two famous trademarks associated with a certain lifestyle - the 'Clipper' cultic lighters with collector's status and the bulldog of the legendary trademark 'The Bulldog' in various colours. The Bulldog No. 90 was the first coffeeshop in Amsterdam and laid the benchmark for the contemporary coffeeshop. What once began in a cellar has grown into an trade-name with locations in Amsterdam and Canada and a product line.

The special feature of 'Clipper' Classic Lighters is that the flame increases in size when angled - especially good for lighting bongs & smoking pipes. The removable igniter which normally serves to replace the flintstone is among fanciers THE poker for rollies.

double gas capacity, long-lasting, refilling is cheaper than buying new

robust material, childproof, lower pressure

Environmentally friendly:
contains purest gas, high part of recycled materials, low impact on the environment.

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