'Cyclones' 'XtraSlo' Blunts 'Wonderberry'

PU 24x1pc Display

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Aroma: Wonderberry
Length: 105mm
Info: PU 24x1pc in a Display


'Cyclones' 'XtraSlo' Blunts 'Wonderberry' with 'DANK7' Tip Pre-Rolled and equipped with the flavoured bamboo 'DANK7' tip, one experiences with these blunts a whole new kind of flavour. These double wrapped & extra slow burning 'Wonderberry' flavoured blunts have a very pleasing taste due to the bamboo tip being soaked for 7 days. Another feature is that in the 'Cyclone'Blunts, unlike other blunts, are made from a' single 'tobacco leaf. Each sealed in its own plastic tube, you can also enjoy them a little longer. Each comes with its own prodding tube, to aid filling & packing down and comes its own plastic protective tube.

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Brand Cyclones