'Cyclones' 'XtraSlo' Blunts 'Stealth'

PU 24x1pcs

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Aroma: Stealth (Maduro)
Length: 105mm
Supplies: Poker
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'Cyclones' 'XtraSlo' Blunts 'Stealth' are pre-rolled cones and have a re-usable wooden mouthpiece. The special thing about 'Cyclone' Blunts 'XtraSlo' is that they are double wrapped, extra slow burning blunt cones - for longer and stronger enjoyment! Each 'Cyclone' has its own resealable plastic protective tube and comes with its own poker to aid filling and packing down. Additionally, they are made of natural, not homogenised tobacco leaves. 'Cyclones' 'XtraSlo' are double flavoured - both inner and outer leaf are flavoured.

'Cyclones' work best with slow burning materials such as pipe tobacco and herbal blends.

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Brand Cyclones