'Cyclones' 'XtraSlo' Blunts 'Sugar Cane'

PU 24x1Pc

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Weight: 0.23 kg

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Length: 105mm


''Cyclones' 'XtraSlo' Blunts 'Sugar Cane' These are double wrapped, extra slow burning blunt cones with the reusable, seven day soaked, bamboo 'DANK7 Tip'. Each comes with its own prodding tube to aid filling and packing down and comes its own plastic protective tube.

Product Details:
  • Flavour: Sugar Cane
  • Features: Reusable DANK7' Bamboo Mouth-Piece
  • Format: Cigar Leaf Cone Blunt
  • Packaged:: Counter Display-box & 24 Pc

  • Additional Information

    Brand Cyclones