'Deluxe Daddy' Vaporizer Herb chamber & Hose, S

PU 1pc

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Material: glass


This is a replacement standard size 'Glass-on-Glass' hands free kit for the 'Deluxe Daddy' Vaporizer & Aromatherapy Device. The set includes a glass vapour chamber with swirling blue patterns with an outlet for the silicone hose and a standard size Herb Chamber. Both chambers contain a metal screen with a thread to screw together. Both pieces are protected by a silicone sleeve. The herb & vapour chambers are pre-filled and screwed together in use.

Product Details:
  • Material: Glass, Metal Filter Screens & Silicone
  • Set Includes: Protective Silicone Cover, screwable glass chambers with metal screens

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    Brand Deluxe Daddy
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