'Dexso' Oil Extractor and D.M.E. Briefcase Kit

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Quick Overview

Material: Extractor made of anodised Aluminium
Color: silver
Print: Dexso logo
Length: 280mm
Diameter: 36mm
Size: Case 430x340x115mm
Supplies: 2x Silicone Boxes, Silicone Pad, PTFE Sheet
Info: 'Dexso' Oil Extractor Standard for ca. 50g delivered with suit case and key
Reference: Using D.M.E. (Dimethylether) with 'Dexso'- or Metal-Extractors. Wegen Verklebung ungeeignet für Acryl oder Plastik.


Complete set for oil-extraction of 'Dexso'. Everything you need for producing the finest oils, is securely packed in the aluminium, lockable suitcase: a 'Dexso' Oil Extractor, type standard for 50g dried plant material, two cans of 'Dexso' D.M.E., two silicone boxes for storing the valuable extracts and a silicone mat for working on it. This extractor is a Swiss high-quality product, for a fast, easy and safe oil extraction!

This perfectly crafted oil extractor of 'Dexso' transforms dried plants and herbs in less than five minutes in essential, finest oil. High-quality, anodized aluminium ensures maximum resistance to temperature, chemicals and aging. With a coating of anodized A1203 crystal, this extractor combines the advantages of a metallic extractor with the purity of an extractor made of glass, by the lightness of aluminum.
An integrated exhaust unit makes it possible, to empty the extractor after the extraction quick and easy to start the next extraction: the 'Dexso' extractor offers highest efficiency. The usability is also evident by the three magnetically attached feet which guarantee stability - thus both hands free!

'Dexso' Organic Degreaser (dimethyl ether) - the interesting alternative to butane gas (lighter gas) of 'Dexso’. Dimethyl ether (DME) gas is ideally suited for the extraction of finest hash-oil. The benefit starts with the extraction process: D.M.E. is less explosive and therefore safer than butane. Moreover, it is not toxic, so it is also used in the food industry and in the medical technology for extraction. A purity of 99.9% is guaranteed. In addition, the organic degreaser allows quick extraction process and is extremely efficient:

compared to butane gas, it requires only about one third of the amount for an extraction!

Note: Use 'Dexso' Organic Degreaser (dimethyl ether) only with original 'Dexso' Extractors or with metal extractors. Unsuitable for acrylic or plastic extractors, because of jamming.
The use with 'Oil Black Leaf by EHLE.' 'X-trakt' Extractors (Order No. 44 06 11-S, 44 06 11-M, 44 06 11-L) is alternatively possible, as they are made of very high quality, temperature-resistant material.

The boxes made of non-stick silicone are most suitable for storing sticky substances. On the non-stick silicone pad, you can further process oil, wax and other material. Additionally, 'Dexso' includes a 990x600mm large P.T.F.E. sheet which is particularly suitable for dimethyl ether. Contrary to silicone mats or dishes the 'Dexso' D.M.E. extraction solution can be spayed directly on the teflon coated sheet as it is dimethyl ether-resistant. It can be folded and formed as an inlay for bowls and other containers.

In the high-quality aluminium lockable briefcase, you can stow and safely transport further tools needed - it's 7:10!

Extracting with 'Dexso': What's coming out? Data sheet for download.

Attention: Shipment only to European countries !

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