'Dexso' Organic Degreaser (Dimethylether)

PU 12pcs

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Weight: 5.55 kg

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Material: Organic Dimethyl Ether
Info: PU12x500ml
Reference: Use with 'Dexso' or metal extractors recommended. Unsuitable for acrylic or plastic, because of jamming.


'Dexso' Organic Degreaser (Dimethylether) - the interesting alternative to butane gas (lighter gas) of 'Dexso’. This organic dimethyl ether (DME) gas is ideally suited for the extraction of finest hash-oil. The benefit starts with the extraction process: DME is less explosive and therefore safer than butane. Moreover, it is not toxic, so it is also used in the food industry and in the medical technology for extraction. A purity of 99.9% is guaranteed. In addition, the Organic Degreaser allows quick extraction process and is extremely efficient: Compared to butane gas, it requires only about one third of the amount for an extraction.

'Dexso' D.M.E. is suitable for the use with 'Oil Black Leaf by Ehle.' 'X-trakt' Extractors with order nos. 44 06 11-L, 44 06 11-M and 44 06 11-S.

Attention: Shipment only to European countries!

Recommendation: Use 'Dexso' Organic Degreaser (Dimethylether) only with original 'Dexso' Extractors or with metal extractors. Unsuitable for acrylic or plastic extractors, because of jamming.

Extracting with 'Dexso': What's coming out? Data sheet for download.

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Brand dexso

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