'Discreet Vape' 'Vape Enhancer Thingy' Spare Part

PU 1pc


Weight: 0.01 kg

Quick Overview

Material: Metal
Color: Silver
Height: 18mm
Diameter: Ø 24mm


This is a replacement part for the 'Discreet Vape' PUFFiT™ Vaporizer.
The 'Vape Enhancer Thingy' is a simple addition to your PUFFiT that will improves heat transfer and vapor production from almost any herbal mix, even on lower temperature settings! Therefore conserving your battery life. This specifically designed spring ensures that your blend is compressed to the sides of the unit in order to optimise contact. This will optimise your vapour pleasure.
Here you can find all 'Discreet Vape''PUFFiT™' Vaporizers, Aromatherphapy Devices and spare parts >>>

  • Packaging: Hygienically Sealed Plastic Foil

  • Additional Information

    Brand Discreet Vape
    Device size N/A
    Oil N/A
    Plug N/A
    Colour N/A
    Gebrauchsanleitung N/A