'Fenix' Vaporizer

PU 1pc

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Quick Overview

Material: Smooth Touch Surface
Color: black
Print: Fenix Logo
Size: 110x58x28mm
System: Closed Stainless Steel Heating Chamber
Other: For Herbs, Oil, Wax


The portable 'Fenix' vaporizer with a fast heating up time of only 40 seconds has a convenient multi-function control button. This way, the user can choose easily one of the four preset temperature settings (170° C, 180°C, 190° C, 210° C / 338° F, 356°F, 374°F, 410°F) and one of two possible inhale mode settings which are soft or enhanced.
Its user-friendliness is enhanced by its pocket size, the magnetic mouthpiece which can be swivelled around, the grip of the smooth-touch surface and a powerful 2.200mAH battery. The 'Fenix' is a multifunctional vaporizer for the vaporization of dry herbs and oil/wax (it has a special removable oil and wax cup made of stainless steel included).
The air is supplied directly into the herb chamber, so that the material to be evaporated is protected against combustion. This handy and cool designed vaporizer has a safety auto shut-off function after five minutes, too. Accessories for cleaning and filling and some replacement screens complete the 'Fenix' vaporizer kit.

Additional Information

Brand Black Leaf
Device size M-handbag
Oil yes
Plug USB Plug
Colour -29 blue
Gebrauchsanleitung N/A

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