'Flowermate' V5.0S Pro Mini Vaporizer var. colours

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Quick Overview

Material: Aluminium
Color: various colours
Print: V5.0S Pro Mini
Size: 84x45x20mm
System: Closed Ceramic Heating Chamber
Other: For Herbs, Wax, Oil
Power: Integrated 1800mA/h Lithium-Ion Accu (Output 3,7V), USB Socket
Supplies: USB Plug with Cable, Stainless Steel Bong Adapter, Oil/Wax Pod, Herb Pod, 2 Filling Chamber Screens, 2 Mouthpiece Screens, Brush, Poker/Dabber, Spare Screens
Reference: User Manual in de, en
Info: OLED-Display, Temperature range 40° C - 230° C (104° F - 446° F)
Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty (Except Wear Parts)


The 'Flower Mate' V5.0S Pro Mini Vaporizer is like its big brother, a 3-in-1 allrounder, suitable for evaporating dry herbs, wax and oil. It has all the proven features and components like its bigger issue, for example, the regulable single airflow technology, the OLED display with individual temperature choice between 40° C - 230° C (104° F and 446° F), ceramic heating chamber, storage compartment for the mouthpiece made of borosilicate glass and so on.
In addition, the 'Flower Mate' V5.0S Pro Mini has an adapter which allows you to connect it also to water pipes - for an extraordinary vape experience! This 2-part adapter fits on SG 14 and 19 - both male and female cut.
A port for connecting a power bank for mobile charging is the second additional feature of this vaporizer model. With automatically change to sleep mode after five minutes of operating time, to avoid overheating. CE tested.
The 'Flower Mate' V5.0S Pro Mini Vaporizer - the handy all-rounder for the pocket!

More information about smoking oil or essence you will find at this infopage.

Additional Information

Brand flowermate
Device size S-pocket
Oil yes
Plug USB Plug
Gebrauchsanleitung N/A

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