'Aladin' 'Forty-Four' Quick-Light Shisha Coal

PU Display & 8X10pc

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Weight: 0.93 kg


Is the first Shisha Charcoal which is exclusively made for hookah smoking.
Their round form with a diameter of 44mm, ensures the 'Forty-Four' shisha coal creates optimum heat distribution. 600°C inside the circle and 300°C outside the circle, helps the tobacco to burn evenly. And with the barely perceptible flavour of the 'Forty-Four' Hookah Coal, is the tobaccos aroma is in the foremost.

Just as it should be! 'No Spillage or Mess', as you often find with other self-igniting Shisha Charcoals!

Made in Germany
  • Features: burns up to 80 minutes
  • Display Box Set with 8x10pc

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    Brand Aladin