'Happy Hari' Incense Sticks 'King of Vrindhavan'

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Aroma: typisches indisches süßes Aroma
Reference: Burning time 3-4Std.
Info: hand rolled
Other: Country of origin: India


The incenses from 'Happy Hari' are very special incense sticks, hand rolled in small village workshops in India especially for the worship of the gods, festivals and yogic practise.

Many incense aficionados have rated these sticks as vastly superior to most commercially produced Indian incense.

Happy Hari's incenses are made in small Indian villages instead of giant inner city factories and adhere to strict recipes handed down through time immemorial. "There is no compromise" says Mr Dilip the man behind most of these fragrances and incense experts and aficionados from across the globe all agree these are amongst "The Best Smells In The World!"

'King of Vrindavan' by 'Happy Hari Incense' are thick, heavy incenses from India with a very exotic, rich-sweet flavor. The fascinating, typical aromatic Indian has a small share of interesting sharpness. The ancient city of 'Vrindavan' is an Indian pilgrimage. After the epic 'Mahabharata' has spent here Lord Krishna his childhood in the woods.

Masala Method – The main fragrances (parts of plants, wood powder, essential oils, etc.) be set-in by hand into a dough-like, sticky mass (base), which is then rolled onto the wooden sticks. The prescription of the base is a guarded secret of the manufacturer, cause it's crucial for the flavor.

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Brand Happy Hari

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