Ice Wise Platform

PU 1pc

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Material: Metal
Height: 200mm
Diameter: ca. 40mm, formable


We believe in this product and spent time and money on it. The result is the revised 'Ice Wise Platform', now available in 4 colours and a new packing.
The packing is now very promotional because of it`s ability to hang it up where you like and it`s attached product information card with barcode and informations in english and german.
You don`t know this product yet? Ask for a free sample and we`ll send it with your next order.
The 'Ice Wise Platform' makes an icebong out of almost every cylindric bong, even those with a small belly. The diameter of the bong should be in-between 40 and 65mm. If the spiral is too big or too small for the bong it`s easy to bend it to the desired size. She`s wear-free, easy to clean and inexpensive. The 'Ice Wise Platform' can be used either with the stick towards the base or hanging.
For the customers it means: No more trouble with cracks and broken ice twists at bongs.

random colour selection. Ask if you prefer one colour.
L 200mm

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