'Kannastör' Pendant-Grinder 2-part

PU 1pc

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Quick Overview

Material: Aluminium
Color: silver/black
Print: Kannastör Logo
Setup: 2-part
Diameter: 32mm
Height: 16mm
System: Diamond-cut Teeth
Supplies: Scraper, Cloth Bag


'Kannastör Grinder'- always one step ahead! THE top brand from the United States for professionally used grinders - budtenders love them! The products of 'Kannastör' are constantly adjusted and improved. In addition to the optimal functioning they put large value on the material and manufacturing quality.

The 2-parts pendant-grinder is the smallest version of the high-quality grinder of the American brand 'Kannastör®' and has the same high quality and product features as its bigger brothers.
By so-called 'low-friction rings' in the head part, no plant or resin residues settle. The grinder maintains its smoothness even with constant use. It does not have to be cleaned very often. It is ideal for on the move and can be worn by the ball chain around the neck.

1.25" Kannastör® 2 Piece Pendant Grinder from Volo Trading on Vimeo.

Additional Information

Brand kannastoer
Material Aluminium
Diameter 30-40mm
Structure 4-part
Teeth Diamond shaped teeth
Print yes
Window no
Colour -29 blue
Print N/A

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