'Kannastör' Grinder 4-part

PU 1pc

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Quick Overview

Material: Aluminium
Color: silver/black
Print: Kannastör Logo
Setup: 4-part
Diameter: 54mm
Height: 82mm
System: Diamant-cut Teeth


'Kannastör Grinder'- always one step ahead! The top brand from the United States for professionally used grinders - budtenders love them! The products of 'Kannastör' are constantly adjusted and improved. In addition to the optimal functioning, great importance is attached to high-quality of the material and manufacturing.

The worldwide patented, multi-part solid body grinder from 'Kannastör' leaves nothing left to be desired!
It is the first one of its kind with which the user can individually adjust how fine the plant material has to be shredded. This is made possible by the interchangeable, perforated discs, where the size of the holes determine the fineness of the crushed material. The grinder contains two perforated discs - the one with small holes is perfect for effortless grinding of herbal material supposed to be vaporized in a vaporizer, the other disc is ideal for crushing material for smoking in pipes or joints. A storage option for the disc not in use is integrated.
In addition, the screen is interchangeable. The supplied sieve (mesh size 60) can easily be replaced without using tools. The patent pending 'Easy Change Screens' of 'Kannastör' are also (separately) available with mesh sizes 40/60/80 in a set of three (sku 50 02 10), sold in three diameter sizes. A screen with mesh size 100 is available, too. It is made of monofilament (sku 50 10 05). By changing the sieve during the process of grinding, it is possible to refine the herbs more and more.
First-class workmanship and innovative, strongest micro teeth which crush up and down and grind together with gentle pressure, ensure an effortless turning to left and right. By so-called 'low-friction rings' in the head part, no plant or resin residues settle. The grinder maintains its smoothness even with constant use. It does not have to be cleaned very often. That's the reason why the grinders of 'Kannastör' are THE favourite grinders of the budtender.

The lid, where another storage option is located, closes magnetically. All valuable substances are kept safe and airtight therein.
The grinder was also designed for "on the go" use. The lid and the bottom base can be screwed together, to form a storage tin in pocket size. This grinder has it all!

GR8TR™ Solid Body Grinder from Volo Trading on Vimeo.

Additional Information

Brand kannastoer
Material Aluminium
Diameter 50-60mm
Structure 4-part
Teeth Diamond shaped teeth
Print yes
Window no
Colour -29 blue
Print N/A

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