'Kavatza' Rolling Pouch Suede brown

PU 1pc

SKU: 55 28 02-B

Weight: 0.11 kg

Quick Overview

Material: Suede
Color: brown
Print: Original Kavatza Logo
Size: 165x83x25mm
Other: For KS Papers


This is for people who roll their own Tobacco Cigarettes. The Pouch has two inside pockets, the rear pocket for Tobacco and the front pocket for filter-tips, lighter and so on...
When opened you will find the paper-holder, the attached stuffer and of course, the curved wooden rolling base which includes a rubber band to prevent the cigarette paper from flying away, while rolling.

This Smoking Pouch is ready for action, every time and everywhere.

Just place it on your lap or Table and roll your ´looong cigarette'


Additional Information

Brand Kavatza