LIMPURO© Air Fresh

PU 200g

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LIMPURO® AIR-FRESH works completely nontoxic with evaporation. Just open the cap and place it near the place, the nasty smell comes from. The active substances in LIMPURO® AIR-FRESH binds the scent molecules and neutralises them. They`re bound in alcohol and evaporate within 4-6 weeks. The result is a fresh, clean and odor free air.

1. you`ll stay undiscovered while home growing cause no odor will perplex your neighbors.
2. No odor while drying your herbs
3. There`s no other odor that would make your neighbors suspicious, like strong orange or mint odors.
4. No need to use expensive active carbon filters.

1. No more Coffeshop atmosphere at home
2. no more cold smoke the next day
3. at bong accidents just place it near the spills... you won`t smell it the next day

  • works completely nontoxic
  • effective period ca. 4-6 weeks
  • PU 200gr

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    Brand Limpuro